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High Availability Enterprise Public Cloud Computing

Secure and Reliable – For All of Your Client’s Applications

Cloud Rivo’s Xterity Cloud Services enable technology service providers to easily add profitable cloud services to their services portfolio and quickly provision, deploy and bill their clients for cloud services.


The Wholesale Managed Public Cloud Service provides the secure, highly available IaaS environment your clients need for all their applications – including complex, multi-tier applications. While other cloud service providers only support virtual servers, Xterity lets you easily configure both virtual and physical (bare metal) servers, with unmatched flexibility to assemble exactly the computing resources your clients need. This right sizing capability lets your clients confidently run databases and other applications that are not well suited to running in virtual environments. Xterity’s templating feature makes it easy to rapidly deploy complete application environments.

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Many of these applications also require the highest levels of availability—which Xterity delivers with integrated high availability failover for both virtual and physical servers. As concerns about security are always the number one issue cited by companies considering cloud services, Xterity’s secure virtualized partitioning and shared or private network options isolate customer applications from other users, ensuring the privacy and security organizations require. Xterity works by abstracting IT infrastructure and presenting that infrastructure in a digital service catalog. This catalog contains all the components of the data center— physical servers, virtual servers, storage, switches, firewalls, hypervisors, operating systems, applications, back up services, and public cloud resources. Service provider personnel leverage the catalog and the associated design palette to literally drag, drop and connect all the components of the desired IT service. Once a design is complete the environment can immediately be deployed with the click of a mouse.

Comprehensive Business Features

Xterity’s comprehensive functionality lets service providers design, price, deliver, license, bill, manage and upsell cloud solutions to their client base. Our intuitive drag and drop self-service portal makes it easy to design and build new cloud services, and the integrated billing, invoicing, pricing, ticketing, monitoring and tracking capabilities manage and charge for resources as they are consumed. It also has unique features to support a multi-tier channel business model such as white labeling, account management, contracting, margin analysis, ticketing and more.

Real Time Monitoring and Support

Xterity includes a comprehensive management, monitoring and ticketing system that provides key alerting data for any technical issues, displays open tickets and the status of backup processes. Users have access to the system for the resources they have provisioned.

Enterprise-Class Infrastructure with N+1 High-Availability

Xterity is built on enterprise-class hardware and proven converged infrastructure software. Xterity provides integrated high availability (HA) failover and resilience, with HA provided at both the virtualization layer (HA cluster) and the hardware layer. Our HA capabilties enable self-healing from numerous common faults including hardware failure, massive spikes in utilization, or connectivity loss to the Internet or storage.



Technical Support

Xterity provides 24x7x365 global technical support for all its technology service provider partners. Xterity’s experienced and knowledgeable technicians are dedicated to ensuring the availability of each and every cloud service, for each and every partner and their clients.