Under CloudRivo industry-leading one-year BladeFrame Limited Warranty, customers receive toll-free telephone access to technical assistance on a 24×365 basis; Web-based access to knowledge databases, frequently asked questions and service tickets; proactive monitoring of system health; next business day parts replacement; software updates and support.

24×365 Telephone Support

Toll-free technical assistance is available on a 24×365 basis. CloudRivo ’s single-tier support model means you’ll be working with a highly skilled system administrator from the beginning, significantly reducing the time needed to resolve inquiries.

NBD Parts Replacement

If an CloudRivo hardware component should fail, CloudRivo will promptly.  Advanced exchange replacements are shipped via next-business-day delivery. Shipments to major metropolitan areas are sent for delivery first thing in the morning.

Software Support

Unlike competitors’ plans that offer just 90 days of software support, CloudRivo provides support for all system software for the length of the contract, including 24×365 toll-free assistance for the current major release through one major release back.

Software Subscription

Even though PAN is on the 6th generation and 8th year in enterprise production the constant changes in both CloudRivo and it’s partners technologies lead to regular patches and upgrades.  Whether a release is to address a specific bug, security venerability, or just for new features Warrantee software customers have online access to software patches, via a secure, user-friendly Web site.

Remote System Monitoring

Recognizing that the BladeFrame will be deployed in mission-critical environments, CloudRivo designed the system to identify and resolve irregularities before they impact performance, maximizing uptime and value to the customer. CloudRivo can also remotely monitor availability on a 24×365 basis and proactively respond.  All with a toolset that is so secure it has passed DOD reviews.

Online Service Access

Through a secure login to the CloudRivo Web site, customers can access a wide range of online services including installation scheduling, service-call placement, submission and review of service tickets, parts status and FAQs.