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Overview-CloudRivo Cloud Service

From dev-test to mission critical business applications, Wholesale Managed Public Cloud Services let you rapidly launch robust cloud environments to meet client demand and generate new sources of revenue.

Wholesale Managed Dedicated Compute Cloud services Provide dedicated compute resources to your clients to support even their most mission-critical, multi-tier applications. Secure, Highly reliable with the performance your clients demand.

Enterprise CloudManaged Private Cloud provides dedicated resources for the whole cloud hardware stack from network to storage to compute. This is the right choice for your clients that require the complete isolation at all layers of the cloud.


Bare metal servers enable you to right-size the raw compute horsepower your clients need for their most extreme processor and memory intensive workloads and those not well-suited for virtual environments.


Cloudrivo business continuity services provide your clients peace of mind by keeping their data and applications secure and available. Find out why disaster recovery and backup services are in high demand today and are excellent entry points for cloud services


Easily migrate your clients’ existing physical and virtual servers into Xterity’s highly reliable wholesale managed cloud.