When Virtualization Might Not Be the Best Answer

Xterity Bare Metal servers are the answer to your client’s workloads that might not be well suited for running in virtualized environments. Our bare metal servers are the optimal solution for workloads that can’t be exposed to “noisy neighbor” scenarios.

Bare Metal servers provide single tenant isolation for your client. And with our 99.99% availability commitment you and your clients have peace of mind that their servers will be there when needed.

For your clients’ demanding workloads you can create customized configurations with extremely high processor and memory performance capabilities. Many of our partners have deployed high performance bare metal servers for their client’s multi-tier workloads where the bare metal server communicates over the cloud’s secure, high performance network infrastructure with smaller servers running in virtual machines.

Each bare metal server can be configured with up to 36 cores and 1TB memory to satisfy your client’s most demanding workloads. To ensure your clients have a balanced system each bare metal server is enabled with dual 10Gb network interfaces operating in active/active mode for up to 40Gb of throughput.

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