Transitioning and Transforming Business Into the Cloud

Many businesses have either realized or are beginning to realize to be competitive they need to think outside of the on-premise box and embrace cloud technology. Cloud is ubiquitous and every day spent maintaining on-premise servers is another day where the bottom line is negatively impacted by recurring costs and issues. Businesses of all size are looking for an efficient way to migrate all, or parts of their existing IT workload into the optimal cloud for the scalability, reliability and cost saving benefits they’ve heard about. But where do they begin?

Our partners tell us the clients they’ve migrated into the Xterity cloud from on-premise or other public clouds are amazed at how simple the CloudMigrate process was and how surprised they are at the amount of time and cost savings they’ve experienced since the migration. They’ve been able to increase their competitiveness by focusing on strategic goals, instead of dealing with tactical day-to-day server infrastructure challenges.

Simplicity Through Agentless Automation

CloudMigrate automates the preparation, validation and confirmation of operational workloads, preparing them for migration to Xterity. These automation capabilities mean there are no manual pre-processing migration requirements on the source servers, and no manual post-processing migration requirements on the target servers.

CloudMigrate automates the transition of an entire workload solution whether a single server, or a complex tiered workload solution across multiple servers and applications.

With CloudMigrate there are no agents, local applications, or the need to interrupt IT operations to prepare for the migration. Once the automated discovery and the target datacenter environment configuration is validated, you and your client choose the appropriate moment to migrate to their selected cloud location.

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Key Features Include:

  • Server Configurations:
    • Source (physical) to cloud (virtual)
    • Source (virtual) to cloud (virtual)
  • Source Server Operating Systems supported:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 / 2008 /2012
    • Linux distributions
  • Source Server Locations:
    • On-premise
    • Other clouds:
      • Amazon AWS
      • Microsoft Azure
      • VMware vCloud AIR
    • For additional source cloud support requirements click here
  • Target Xterity Cloud Locations: